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just started with pineapple V


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Hi all

just starting my journey on the pentesting quest and would like to know which 5 infusions are the must have to start? I say 5 as I think that is all I can handle right now as I have a long journey ahead of me. I have updated the firmware to 2.2 and will be starting it up next week.

I know everyone asks this BUT is there a thread like an idiots guide to PineAP ?


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Start with the Wiki Videos and & guides:

Then on the forum there is a ton of information in this forum sub:


This blog post has lots of informative stuff on it for getting started too (disclaimer i didn't actually read all of this or use it myself, just bookedmarked it to come back to later or maybe for this specific purpose):


Nothing beats just turning it on and playing around with it some before you try to go out and really "use" it.

I've only really played around with mine at a recent Linux Fest and just had it setup to Rick Roll like described here:

That's for the mark IV but it's about the same (or really even easier) to do on the mark V

Best thing at the conference for me tho, was turning around when I heard "never gonna give you up" for someone that had their speakers on high and a really confused look on their face.

For the various infusions I'd suggest starting off with the the name of them and then searching the web for the tool they are built on so you can get your best understanding of their various uses (in and outside of the webGUI)

It's a great device but has it has more potential the more knowledge you have behind it.

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