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Nothing Displaying in Pineapple bat


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I am very new to the WiFi pineapple, however I have it all set up ok.

Once I am logged into the web interface, I can install updates, so I know I have connectivity.

I am running firmware 2.4.0

I want to download a few infusions, so I go into the Pineapple Bar, I go into the AVAILABLE NOW section, but nothing displats - please see the attached image.

I can't really see what I am doing wrong, does anyone have any ideas ?



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Note how in the screenshot the UI is horribly broken? Note how he is using IE?

I do see that, yes. Though not recommended or supported to use IE, i had seen that the "show" link should be "hide" if he did click it and it was properly functioning ( doubtful because as you stated, is broken ), in case he does go to another browser, and has the same problem.

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It looks like you are using IE. We do not support IE, please use Firefox, or chrome / chromium for best results.

Best regards,


Well done Sebkinne! That has to be the nicest way I've ever seen anyone say don't use IE since the turn of the century!

On another note (since it sparked my curiosity):

M$ Edge appears to "work", will that also be "supported"? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't (just FYI)edge_Works.jpg

Lastly (again the curiosity was killing me :) ):

It looks like DataHead may have been correct on the clicking the "Show" links bit. It does "work" under IE, but it also does "look" broken and I can understand the not supporting it for sure!


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