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MKV broken ?


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I have troubles operating my MKV.

I cannot log in to the device. When I start all leds are lit, then first yellow and shortly after the red turn off and the blue starts blinking. After one or two minutes the blue goes off, red and yellow light up, yellow turns off and red keeps on for a few seconds, and then red goes out and were back where only green is burning and blue blinking. I have a video but wasn't allowed to upload it...

I have no opportunity of getting in to the device. Checked all jumpers and they are all up, but connecting tot the gives no solution.

My best guess was to reflash the device.

After a few tries I finally got into the device and could upload the factory.bin file. Followed the instructions and rebooted the device. Situation is still the same. See led sequence as mentioned before and no way off getting in the device on

Anyone an idea ?

Kind regards,


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Found the solution: the power supply :unsure:

Switched to another one with slightly more capacity and the MKV boots normal.

Strange because I could reach the reflash page but probably the radio's are down when dipswitch 5 is down then and thus the device consuming less power.

Anyway: SOLVED!

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