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Antenna questions


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I'm terribly sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this but after browsing a little, I'm not entirely sure where to post it, so cheers! Please point me to the correct section if im incorrect.

So I just recieved the 16db yagi antenna from the hak shop, totally awesome.

So I get it and instanly realize it will not plug into my Alfa awus036nha, clearly I don't read specs properly. No problem though, a trip to my electronics shop to get the adapter was worth it.

I went into monitor mode, ran airodump-ng and quickly realized something strange, it seems as though my yagi is (for the most part) doing exactly what my detachable omnidirectional 9db dipol antenna would... to make myself more clear, it seems as though its picking up everything around it as opposed to what I thought it was supposed to do, which is focus signal in FRONT of it... I can stand with my back facing my AP and still get around 45-50 signal strength from it.

Maybe I'm not understanding what a yagi is, and I've been searching for a day for answers and i cant seem to find anything helpful.

On top of that the tx power is no better and stuck at 20 which I've read up is not the antennas fault but apparently hard programed into my adapter which im trying to figure out how to fix as "iw reg set BO or BZ" doesnt work.

So, any help or maybe a link that might be able to help me better understand whats going on would be helpful.


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to be more directional you need to enclose the yagi in a pvc tube with the sides and back end insulated. pringles potatoe chip cans have been used with good results. it literally turns them into wifi sniper rifles.

Ahhh, no. The tube just keeps the antenna out of the weather.

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What I think he means with 'insulated' is tin foil to provide shielding. What you end up with is basically a yagi in a can which should make it ridiculously directional and potentially provide still better S/N ratio. The diameter of your PVC tube matters though. Check what diameter cantenna would work best for your target frequency (approx 10cm for 2.4 GHz if memory serves) and get a tube that size for best results.

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Thanks for all your help guys, you've been incredibly helpful!

I did actually take a pringles can, cut off the tin end, wrapped it in electrical tape and insulated it with tin foil. Kinda looks funny as well, I shoulda guessed I would need two cans (and all the chips for noms).

Overall it worked pretty well, in my house to the surounding area (suprisingly) it only increased signal by a few db's, but if i stand on the road i can get an enormous amount of AP's. Just need a tripod and ill be set.

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