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email service install... roundcube mailgun?


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I have found a free hosting service openshift,redhat,com I thinks its worth sharing... its managed with tools like git and ssh... enjoy...

I guess ill start off with my goal... I need lots of working emails, to register to serzvices like Facebook, forum's, or any service that requires a valid email address for sign up... modern email service require a phone number to register a new email (lame)

I fiound some tutorials on roundcube and mail gun I have installed on this free hosting service openshift, but it looks like a front end for email auto messaging systems...

Any suggestions for installing a free email hosting domain?

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Why don't you simply manage this with your own mailhost that has unlimited aliasses? I do this and it's worked quite well.

I'm up to #152 for my single.use.<NR>@my.domain account and I've got about 20 domain-specific aliases that point to my main mailbox.

Drop an alias when you're done with it or they sold you out and you'll never hear from it again.

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I've bought an email-only domain from... jeez. I have to look it up because it's so care free I just pay them, like, 20 euro a year and have no need to communicate with them outside of this...

Internet Service Europe B.V. is the place. http://i-s-e.nl

I've got 5 mailboxes, 20 megs (or so) storage and unlimited aliases. The 20 megs is a bit low, but I pull my mail in every 10 minutes and I rarely get sent large stuff via email.

I made 3 mailboxes: <myfirstname>, parents and spam.

Spam is configured as a black hole.

For parents I made a <moms_first_name> and <dads_first_name> alias. Works beautifully because they don't want a separate email account, but they do want separate addresses (facebook and such, plus much easier when giving their email address to friends).

I configured the domain to use a catch-all to send everything to my mailbox. When I need to provide an email address for some company, I specify <some_company>@my.domain which raises some eyebrows particularly in clothes shops but I'm not bothered. By default it all ends up in my actual mailbox because of that catch-all. If I start receiving crap, I simply look at what address it was sent to and create an alias for that address that maps to the spam mailbox. The single-use ones are for when I know I need to provide an email address for something but have ZERO interest in getting stuff from them (Oracle, I'm looking at you!) I specify the email address, get through the registration so I can do what I want and quickly make an alias for this address to the spam account.

It's not only quite managable, but also gives some insight into which companies decided to sell their mailing list to make a quick buck. To name one example, a dutch insurer called OHRA is on my personal shitlist because it pulled this on me. Sent their customer relations address a very specific email about why this has resulted in me wanting to end my business with them and how I will recommend anybody that wants to hear it to do the same. To their credit, I got a very apologetic reply about how one of their partners didn't adhere to their policy blah blah blah and if I would please reconsider. Answer: No. That was over 10 years ago, but I still hate them with a passion over it.

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