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MP3 players can quack like a duck!

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I've pulled together a plugin for Rockbox (http://rockbox.org) that can quack like a duck: http://gerrit.rockbox.org/r/1212

It also extends the scripting language, adding variables and flow control.

However, it has one major limitation: speed. It can only send about 100 keys/second, which is only 20% of the theoretical maximum achievable with USB.

For those of you with supported MP3 players, I suggest that you try it and feel free to ask questions and give feedback!

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That is actually pretty cool! I thought all the rockbox projects were outdated and obsolete now, so I'm glad to see this.
As far as being able to assign variables and using loops (I assume that is what you meant by flow control) that is awesome! I wish the ducky could do that.

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