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Hi Guys,

I followed this ToDo to setup up mysql / apache / php on my MK5 pineapple SD Card:


Now I ran into this problem:

root@Pineapple:/# php-cli

php-cli: can't load library 'libxml2.so.2'

Hmm, is this library not around via opkg install or do i have to disable some extension somewhere ?

Thanks for any help :)

I know installing a LAMP Stack on my Pineapple SD Cars seems like a sunday project and it probably is ...

But who knows ...

Have a nice Sunday, Dominique

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Well, since the pineapple nowadays comes with nginx instead of apache, maybe you should be enabling php on that instead?

Which, of course, doesn't solve the libxml2 dependency.

You could just download and compile the source for it, right on your pineapple. Might take a while but it should get the job done.

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