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(Help)localized PHP file


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Hey,I would like to ask,MK5

there is no similar to the version of the 2.8.1 language settings, localized PHP file?

Can set the localization of language translation..

like this,File contents are as follows:

$strings = array(
"author" => "Chinese",
"navbar-status" => "Local language XXX",
"navbar-configuration" => "Local language XXX",
...more,Other omitted
:) i am sorry,Poor English,A foreigner who does not understand,Thanks.
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Hi Panda,

When I first built the localization feature, people loved the idea and submitted many languages to us.

The problem was the fact that we bring out a lot of updates, and languages would stop being updated.

This lead to a lot of people being dissatisfied (broken languages, etc) and some even took offence.

Because of this, I decided when building the new UI to leave the feature out. Sorry :(

Best regards,


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Thank you very much, :grin:

you mean to add the local language function in the new version development?

About what time the new version is released.?

:wub:Expect a new version.XD

Whether a problem for the character encoding format? I used to directly modify the PHP file to localize the part,But the support of the language is not good.And the amount of the project is huge.

Because of special reasons not to visit your website directly.“Pineapple Bar” can not be updated online.

Hope to solve this problem.

With great respect

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