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Hyper-V whacked out network devices and who stole Silver?


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So i decided to build out a pretty good sized virtual network contained in Hyper-V,... which was interesting. I'll share the long story at some point, but what got me most recently is the fact that I had designed an internal virtual switch, the server to route the internal traffic through the network bridge to the host phy adapter and thus the rest of the world. Pretty straight forward on that end, but i was very surprised to see all the interesting network device choices that Hyper-V manager had made. The Physical adapter was bridged through the virtual external adapter by hyper-V,


Ethernet adapter vEthernet (Internal LAN): <information> not that important </information>

Ethernet adapter vEthernet (External bridge): <information> Host IP information & config </information>

Ethernet adapter 2: disconnected

) and Ethernet adapter 1 that was the original host phy adapter, has some odd... protocols inserted around it, all the rest disabled.

I can see why it would create virtual adapters for the virtual switches created in the manager, but a few things come to mind:: 1> the internal LAN should really be private, not internal, that was my bad :( and 2> if the primary network adapter of the host gives control to hyper-v VM, cant the VM modify it? isn't there kind of a containment issue there? I was able to modify how the host is networked via the guest using the external bridge virtual switch..

The extent of research today that's gone into it says "its by design" but i figure i must be missing something, so if anyone has any thoughts on the subject i'd love to hear. Just an open discussion, i don't have any specific questions.



Lastly, whoever stole the name Silver prior to me,. in frustration i wrote the first common word that came to mind as a replacement name and it was actually NOT taken, so you get the last laugh, i'm stuck as Waffles hah!

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