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Hello Hak5 community,

I am new to the pentesting community and I am very insterested in what hak5 has to offer. My question is, with 19 seasons of hak5 and several other shows to choose from, where would be a good place to get started? Are there any other online resources any of you can point me to so I can learn enough to get started?

As a bit of background I know my way around a computer pretty well and know a bit of C, Python, Javascript, etc.

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There's a long, stickied thread in the Security section that deals with answering this very question.

The thread was started way back in 2006 so some info from the earliest posts might by now be outdated, but people still add to the knowledge there. If you don't find sufficient answers there, please say what you're still missing and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

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Sheesh, that's a mighty comprehensive set. Would you mind adding that to that stickied thread I posted before? It would be a great addition to it.

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