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Continue RubberDucky script after reboot?


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Does anyone know a way to continue a rubber ducky script after rebooting the Windows7 OS?

I'm trying to use the Ducky as a way to automate Machine setups. One of the first things I need to do is disable UAC and change the machine name and Workgroup. Then after that I have to reboot and need the script to pickup where it last left off.

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The Rubber ducky cannot, unless you find a way to save what you are actually doing to a file on the computer. What I am discovering however is that perhaps an arduino which could be programmed, and which could be outfitted with an SD shield could do something like this? Requires hardware experience.

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Thanks overwraith. I don't have much experience with arduino (Although it sounds very interesting) I'm thinking that for the time being I may just use a batch script for the first part of the install and then plug the rubber ducky in after reboot. I'll look into arduino more though. :)

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I am reading "Exploring Arduino: tools and techniques for engineering wizardry" by Jeremy Blum. The companion site is here:


I am finding that learning it is a fairly painless experience, especially if you can program C, and or have experience programming in some language. Mr Blum has very good diagrams so you can basically just plug in what you want and have it just work. If it is hard to see exactly where something is plugged in, the companion website actually has pictures, with bright green columns where the component should actually be plugged in. I may have to pick up another book/youtube tutorial to actually figure out the voltage calculations good, but that shouldn't be a problem. There is also a parts list for the book on the companion website. The thing it does require is a little bit of money. Don't buy everything all at the same time, instead try to buy for two or three chapters ahead of where you are at in the book so firstly you don't block yourself when you do get time to work on it, and secondly so you don't purchase too much if you decide you actually don't like it all that much.

I just built myself a distance sweeping sensor, the one in the book.

If you can't figure out exactly what resistor that is on the diagram, you can usually puzzle it out by taking into account what is on the parts list at the beginning of each chapter. For instance if you know that there are two of this certain resistor in this particular diagram, and the last resistor you are uncertain about, then by process of elimination the left over resistor on the parts list has to be the one you need for the final resistor. I draw in all my books, it makes them better references, and it makes it so that I am actually actively learning/paying attention.

I also have a new desk set up with a soldering station, and a computer station so I can persue this new hobby as well as my computer programming profession.

I guess my ultimate goal in learning hardware dev is to perhaps one day build my own custom hacker device, but that goal is a long way off. My goals change almost weekly.

***short term for you***

What you could do is just use the ducky to kick off a program stored on the micro sd, a more complex program than the ducky can inject. This program can store configs etc. You could even make the program survive reboot by inserting a registry key, or placing the exe in the startup folder for your computer. After the program finishes you can have it uninstall it's self. Actual programming languages should be able to hook processes and inject keystrokes still if you absolutely need to. I think if you need that particular functionality you should go with C++ or C. If it does something more high level, then you could go with a higher level lanugage.

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