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OSX Unrecognized Keyboard Dialog + 'Always Allow' Button


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Hello guys,

I'm new to the ducky world and have been trying to build some sort of a backup script, which will essentially boot the usb drive and then run its script to save user data, for last minute formatting / backing up OSX systems. I have run into two issues and haven't been able to dig up enough information through searching, so hopefully someone can help (or point towards resources that can).

To start, I'm working with the c_duck_v2.1 firmware, if there is a better choice for booting to usb and being able to copy to that device, please let me know!

Problem 1: Upon inserting the device, every system pops up the Unrecognized Keyboard wizard, and it will not go away unless manually closed. Is there a firmware workaround or command to prevent this?

Problem 2: The terminal command results in varying numbers of security dialogs that need to be clicked, most often it's one of these Deny, Allow Once, Always Allow and either Allow Once or Always can be clicked but the number of dialogs ranges based on how many items are getting processed, so programming "Enter" in 25 times may work - or it may be too few. Is there any form of IF statement for dialog boxes?

Think that's all for now, thanks!

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