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Privilege escalation bug in True Crypt discovered


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The problem the current TrueCrypt users now have is that TrueCrypt was audited. Flaws have been discovered but since the codebase is dead and apparently building the code into the binary is a rather involved process you can't trivially fix this verified codebase.

VeraCrypt is a fork from this audited TrueCrypt that changed any number of things which are almost certainly done with the best intentions and by skillful security-minded people... but this new code hasn't been audited. So your choice is between a known risk and an unknown risk.

Life is full of important decisions.

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They do state that they originally created this because of no easily used file encryption on Windows XP, but with bitlocker on windows now and EFS for most every OS, it makes sense to go with your OS for doing encrypted drives. I do like that True Crypt made a nice file container though that you could easily shuttle files around on USB, but you could get by with password protected, encrypted rar or 7z containers if it's just for transport. Mounting an using it like a live disk drive was nice but not a requirement for me.

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