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[Advice Needed] Notifications when a client is within range


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To receive phone notification when a wifi phone / tablet / computer is within range of the Wifi Pineapple. The ability to know if a friend is within range near my home so I can be aware before they knock on the door.

Current Attempts:

I have gotten Notify to work correctly with Pushover to the notification process is working fine. I have tried to get pineapplestats working with

pineapple infusion notify

yet I am still a noob and not sure where to put it within the scripts, also it doesnt seem to be very active and could not get my own device being turned on and off wifi to trigger or log my device within.


Macbook Pro, Thunderbolt Ethernet to Pineapple to access the user interface. Connected wan1 via my internal wifi for internet.


After tinkering for five hours I have resorted to the Hak5 community for help. I read through that past forum post I haven't come across anything like my request.

Thank You in Advance

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I've actually been attempting this for a while, with no luck unfortunately. I'm able to successfully use the PineAP tracking script in conjunction with the Notify infusion (module now?) to send push notifications to my phone, but this only works for targeting specific MAC addresses. Basically my application is in a rural environment, where the intent is for my pineapple to monitor my residence and alert me if any unknown devices present themselves onto my property.

Basically just a supplement to my security system from a non-traditional perspective. I appreciate the help!

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