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Rubber Ducky Case


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This will be a stupid question so prepare yourselves.

My Ducky finally arrived after waiting for 3-4 weeks this morning.

The SD card came out with no issue, I loaded on a test bin and put on the black case that came with the ducky.

How do I get the bloody thing off again?!

I cant for the life of me get the casing of the Ducky to gain access to the SD card and button again.

Any help would be appreciated, and yes I googled around but apparently I'm the only one stupid enough to have this issue.


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I have used a tweezers to open mine, I just use one of the corners of it, and insert it in the hole at the back of the ducky, if you insert perpendicular to the slit along the side of the duck you can cause it to open like a clam shell. Be careful with the little "columns" that attach the two sides of the case as you can easily break them off. Another thing I have used to take apart the ducky in this manner (and probably a little easier) is a pair of fingernail clippers (use the file that folds out from them). The file on my clippers has a point on it which is ideal for not damaging anything, yet still allowing you to lift the pieces away from each other.

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