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Since friday:



See if you can spot the difference. :P

Apologies for the flash, but I'm sure people will be able to recognise the movie that's playing. :D

Hackers the movie... IMO the best movie of all time... Now you got me in the mood to watch it. But I have the DIVX version. I gotta get the DVD.

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The current setup in my apartment


SAP rented out Universal Studios for members of the ASUG conference. Yes, they rented it out..... Anyway, picture of some of us partying at Universal talking geek.


Another geek photo


If you are still wondering how this picture is geeky, remember that there is nothing more important to a hacker than asian chicks.

That and, surprisingly enough, she is one hell of a coder.

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damn Harrison is that a loft? You got some high ceilings going on.

Yah it's a loft style apartment.

Didn't you know? Asian people are short. It throws off your perception a bit.

Not that asian, she's 5'9.5

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I know this isn't much of a 'techie' piece of equipment but it dates most of us and to this day, it's the best sounding piece of equipment I have ever heard. This Sansui 210 was my father's back when he was in college, including the speakers, (He attended in the early 70's) and I continue to use it (and the speakers) as my personal stereo. Just figured some of the other audiophiles here would appreciate a classic piece of equipment that's still in use today.


10 watts per channel(two) RMS into 8 ohms.

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Man that brings back some memories. I had something that looked similar but it had an 8-track and a turntable. It was the family stereo system that was passed down to me after my parrents upgraded.

I had aquired this in a similar fashion but after my parents spent $500+ on some sony 5.1 system, my dad wanted this little beauty back because the sony stuff didn't sound nearly as good.

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