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Is 2600 still worth a sub?


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I pick up an issue every so often. I had a subscription for one year, but a lot of the articles didn't really do anything for me. My problem with the mag is that so many articles come off as very elitist and repeat the same tired, boring mantra over and over again.. Yes being a hacker isn't a bad thing... Yes being a hacker means exploring, and trying different things. There's an column in 2600 called the Hacker Perspective, that repeats literally the same tired rant every issue. The magazine to me comes off more of an advertisement to how cool and elite hackers are. It annoys me to no end...

And the letters column, which was a favorite of mine, is not filled with letters that the editor picks that seems to cater more towards humor. They've gotten into the habit of printing all of the nonsensical letters in an attempt to show off the random ones they get... It's not needed.. That being said there are some really really good articles here. Last issues Cell Phone 4g article was great... but I don't think I'd subscribe again..

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Some of the 2600 peeps are really knowlegable. There was a facebook group for a while that I liked before they kicked me out for not being politically correct enough. Many in that group are kinda SJW/Marxist surrender monkeys. The YouTube channel is worth watching though.

I don't think there should be a sub for 2600 because this is Hak5. Hak5 is actually cool without pretentiousness and elitism that so many "hacker" forums have. You ask questions on Hak5 and they get answered. You ask questions on many other sites you get flamed. You speak your mind here you won't be ostricized. I felt when I visited 2600 groups that I was singled out for not being a basement dweller, communist, or hipster. I feel like I can just be a normal person and visit Hak5 and talk tech without socio-political bullshit.

Don't get me wrong there are some cool 2600 peeps AND PLEASE don't revenge hack me for what I just posted.

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It's been years since I've been to a local meetup, but they were always great. Then again back then I was big into phone phreaking and would travel to Canada for meets just to blab about their Millenium card based phones.

Politics discussion is always going to cause issues just like religion why I try to keep it away from any discussion as I tend to be a Libertarian/Conservative asshole at times.

Reading the last couple issues it does seem to still have a couple decent articles, but nothing 0 day or new you can't find with keeping up on forums or RSS security feeds.

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