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John McAfee is running for President (Not Shilling. Just Asking.)


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I'm not really sure what to think of this. John McAfee is running for president. Yes that John McAfee. Founder of McAfee Security.

I'm seeing some of the guy's videos and he is saying a lot of the right things. Problem is pretty much every politician says the right things. Then they screw you over.

What secret societies and or fraternities is John McAfee a member of? Anybody know his affiliations?

I'm noticing Alex Jones is following him pretty closely. Alex Jones a shill for sure though. He talks about globalist conspirators but never admits he's related to them.

Anyway for people who haven't heard about this yet. His party is the Cyber Party. Which, hey that's cool. I've come to have distrust for politicians in general.

The guy talks about freedoms and government corruption so he's probably going to get a media blackout like Ron Paul did.

I know the guy publishes a newletter for a Mensa SIG but I haven't read it. That just tells me he's got Obama beat by 20-30 IQ points. So that would be plus in a presidential candidate.

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Being the president of the US has long since changed from being something you do out of a sense of responsibility to a very thinly veiled money grab.

Why do you think Donald Trump is running? Think he'll be different because he's already filthy rich? (Like people did with Arnie... Genius!) The man doesn't know the word "enough" and being president is a FANTASTIC way of making a SHITLOAD of money legally.

John McAfee I think is in it because too often he's had run-ins with the law and he wants to change it from the inside. He doesn't want to change the world for the better, he wants to change the world for him for the better and the more you think like him, the more you're going to like those changes.

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For him for the better? Elaborate please.

He wants to take on those parts of the law that makes life difficult for him. If those same laws provide you with an equal amount of resentment, you're going to like the guy's position.

My point is that he doesn't seem to have a vision that reaches farther than that. Most of what I hear is very near-term and presented in a very short-sighted, populist manner. Mind you, the rest of the politicians are just like that. Prime example, certain to be heard again this time: "Less taxes!" Sound good, right? You'd *LOVE* to pay less to the government. Problem is, that shit pays for *everything*. When there are less taxes, that means there's less to pay for the shit done with taxes, so it gets paid via other means (higher prices overall, ticket quotas for cops, toll roads are introduced or their prices raised...). So long as people don't consider the two linked, the government is awesome and the local stuff gets the hate.

Here's a fun fact. In 2014 the US spent $430 billion on interest for its debt. There are about 322 million americans right now (grand total, so new-borns to elderly) meaning that on average each on of those americans spent over $1300 to pay that debt. So next time you hear a politician parrot the phrase "Less taxes", think about that figure, and if your taxes aren't paying it, what is?

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I agree with you Cooper. Unfortunately, our taxes are wasted on many different programs. There is plenty of money going toward the federal government but not enough of it being spent wisely. Taxes could probably be lowered if the money was spent wisely in each program. Of course there are so many programs being funded and so many individuals within those programs trying to line their pockets that it's difficult for anyone to do anything about it. One area in particular is government contracting. The companies that fulfill the contracts don't care about how much it's going to cost the government for their services (which comes from taxes) they just want to get as much money as they can.

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Taxes could probably be lowered

Wake me up when people realize that taxes need to go UP. Seriously, your financial position is in shambles. The federal debt is higher than your GDP. Cities and municipalities are filing for bankruptcy. It's easy to say they're spending it on the wrong things because to many anything that doesn't benefit them in a direct and immediate way is "the wrong thing".

I once (years ago) visited a municipal meeting at city hall where the council had the task of cutting subsidies to various things and those things got to present themselves to the council to convince them to either not cut their funding or be less strict about it. It was a one-way deal as the council members weren't allowed to engage the presenters, which allowed everybody the ability to present themselves within the allotted timeframe. It made me feel pretty good to be living here because even though I have no idea just how much the municipality was paying for all these programs, every single one had definite merit. In my mind I could allot a budget between them on personal preference, but I'd be torn knowing that I wouldn't be able to fully fund all of them and I'm sure the council had a similar mindset.

You're most certainly right that many corporate entities see the government as an excellent cash cow to lobby into going for a single-bid contract. In fact, I would consider it a crime to lobby for anything the way it's done now. The main difference as far as I can tell between lobbying and bribing is that lobbying is legal because the person being bribed was richer to begin with.

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America fought the British over a 3% tax increase. Historically we have fought tooth and nail to have minimal government. Up until the last century there were pretty much no taxes. There were fire departments, police, well maintained roads, schools, courts, railroads, etc. before the federal reserve banking cartel its collection agency, the IRS. Taxation is getting to be a tired subject.

I think on surveilence. The governmets on of the world and big companies have been spying on everyone they can forever anyway. I suspect it's not going to change. I would like better privacy and more liberty. I'm willing to work on it.

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Unfortunately, spying and surveilence aren't going to bring the country out of it's debt-centric lifestyle. Money has to come from somewhere. We have our hands in too many pots as it is. On one hand I agree that lobbying is abused and should be looked upon as bribery... but on the other I don't want our government operating as a black box either. People having the ability to get their idea's into government is pretty important. That being said, it's usually restricted and only effective when it's large organziations that do it which is pretty dysmil...

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Wake me up when people realize that taxes need to go UP.

Yes, taxes need to go up now to get the US out of its debilitating debt. I was speaking more in terms of funding programs rather than working to pay off debts in which case, if money was spent wisely, taxes could be lowered.

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