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AM2, it is a newer generation and is designed as a replacement for socket 939. Theres no significant price difference, performance increase is debatable, but it is a more futureproof option. It is not a rumour anymore, it has been officially announced that AM3 processors (I don't know if it will be the whole range of them) will be able to be used with AM2 motherboards.

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Ok, thanks guys.

Last time I built a new computer, I bought a 754 mobo, so now to upgrade the CPU (honestly, it's the only thing thats gonna be upgraded) I need a new mobo (thus new vid card since my x850 pro is agp), and probobly a new HDD (unless I find a mobo with SATA and IDE support).

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Simple choice, 939 isn't being produced any more.

Also, all motherboards still come with at least one IDE channel which will allow you to run two devices off it so i wouldn't worry about getting another hard drive unless you are just using that as an excuse for spending more.

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