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The word "day" is in the day again, so it's time to update Flash...


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One the one hand they're squashing bugs at a ferocious rate so things are clearly improving, but on the other hand... jeez Flash truly is a steaming pile of shit.

Somewhat reminiscent of the old slogan people used for wu-ftpd: Providing root since 1988

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I keep a text file, of all downloads for the main(non Active-x) and ppapi versions. It's getting quite long, but allows me to update before the app asks me to since I check manually for new versions as they come out, and it doesn't bundle with any of the add-ons they use. I admit, I use flash, but I watch Hulu and YouTube a lot, but I also turn things off when not needed. I have an archive of flash 9-present, but only have a list of links from aorund 11 through present. If you work at a company that requires you to use flash or If anyone just wants a copy, post here, I will post the info. Once started, all you have to do is go to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/, verify your version against the current, and then replace the version number corresponding to the one you need per npapi and ppapi downloads if you need to update. Sometimes you get lucky and can find the early updates before the version on the site has changed before they publish, which usually coincide with windows patch Tuesdays now.

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If you can live without it (which I think most of us probably can) get rid of Flash.

When Shannon suggested it a while back on an episode someone who was CLEARLY a flash developer got all sore and stupid about it.

Was hysterical watching him try to defend it.

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People have to remember that flash is still more than just video, and some companies uses it on the lan, although it's mostly a multimedia media audience using the end result, companies still make ads and interactive products using flash. Games for one are a huge market too, which I think people often forget about.

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