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Tor Gateway Infussion


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Hi guys, I have a couple of questions regarding the Tor Gateway infusion, unfortunately in the other thread there hasn't been much discussion going on. Hoping someone here can help me out a bit. Please excuse me if I sound really dumb since I don't really have much knowledge about how Tor works in general.

So firstly, how does this compare to the Tor Gateway implemented by something like Whonix for instance? When using the Whonix Gateway VM with another OS such as Windows, there are some additional steps that have to be taken in order to prevent leaks from what I know. Couldn’t it happen when using this as well?
Also, I get that it routes the traffic through Tor, but how does this work? When using the Tor browser it’s advisable to disable javascript, so what about if you use regular firefox with this? Doesn’t enabling javascipt raise the same issue? Would you be able to access .onion sites from a regular browser as well? I’m thinking most ppl use a VPN on top of this.
I haven't installed it yet so I can't speak about whether it works on not, anyone have an idea if it’s up to date / safe to actually use?
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