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Ducky arrives in a few days, more questions!


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Hello everybody :smile:

My usb rubber ducky arrives in a few days and i have another bunch of questions:

1. It comes with micro SD card, doesn´t it? How much is it capability? (2, 4, 8 GB?)

2. Does it came with pre-installed firmware?

3. Does java version matter when building payloads?

4. Does exists any noob-proof tutorial? you know :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance!

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1. 128....MB, haha but seriously that's more than enough.
2.Yes, it does. The original firmware.
3.use this awesome site to build your payloads http://www.ducktoolkit.com/Home.jsp
4.There is a whole bunch of tutorials all over Youtube, I've done a couple on how you can flash it to any firmware under kali, and 10 (fixed) prank payloads. you can take a look here.

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