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Ok, I have the coolest idea!

This time!

I was thinking like neo dog..... how you he can see all the information of data running threw the matrix....

Now check this a snorkler .. /router..... enough said NO!

Ok so like you have it work like a portable packet sniffer ..... ok maybe more discreat .... but still... snorkley...

It would sniff packets everywhere you go and output them in goggles... but you would have a access server where these packet's would be sent to and a attachment where the packets would be stored....

so you could see the wireless data being passed just like "wireshark or simpiler" ..... yes... then you could send them to you're h-omey, who could do what he need's thats what i'm saying....

JOB DONE>.... think man think... just saying I could of sent this to the military dog and like caused technoligy wars.

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