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Infusion idea - Creepy Pineapple


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I want to turn Mac addresses into profiles. When I see my friend's iphone mac, I want to be able to save it, and add notes like his name, the time I saw the mac, the name of the network it was connected to (if any), macs of other devices that he was close to, and gps data would be sweet. Then I want the pineapple to alert me in the future when it detects my target device again, and log the stats I want.

I also want to profile APs. I want the pineapple to alert me in the future when it detects devices probing for an AP that I have a profile for.

It would also be pretty sweet to take the ssids that a device is probing for and create a html link to the wiggle website to lookup where that AP is located.

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I'm willing to help if you want to collaborate on this project.

Sure, its kind on on a hold at the moment until I can get some of my professional obligations done but I'll let you know when I'm starting back up with this project

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