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Capture a failed login attempt


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Apologies, I am sure this is a simple question to all you experts.
I've been at the boring side of IT for many years & I am interested in the "hacking" side.

I understand what the WiFi pineapple does, it can pretend its "FREE LOCAL CAFE WIFI" and then people surf though me & I can capture the details.

I definitely want to try this, but my first idea was something like this:

At my home I have a WiFi signal called "HOMEWIFI"

I want to make on the WiFi pineapple a new SSID called the same thing.

Then when my laptop tries to connect it will go to the strongest signal, which will be the WiFi pineapple.

At this point it asks for the WPA key, and the user just thinks something has got messed up & retype their WPA key.

Obviously this won't work, but I want the WiFi pineapple to LOG this enter, so essentially it will give me the WPA key.

Can the WiFi pineapple do this, as I know its really for Man-In-The-Middle stuff.

With thanks and sorry for the basic question.

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I believe this is the information you are looking for


I have a dip switch set to call a script that, off the top of my head, looks like

airmon-ng start wlan1

airbase-ng wlan1mon -Z 4 -P -C 10 -F /sd/basecaps/mybasecap

This turns the pineapple into a wpa2 handshake harvester so you won't need to specify your ssid

The next step is to take the file to oclhashcat to crack the keys

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