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Alfa AWUS036NEH and kali 2.0 issue


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I know alot of people here have AWUS036NEH, did anyone actually got it working (in monitor mode) in kali 2.0?

I get to monitor mode just fine but once i run airodump-ng it doesn't show any networks at all.

​I have tried multiple ways of putting card in monitor mode but get same results, no wifi networks showing.

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are you capturing for 2.4 or 5ghz bands? Unless you have N specific drivers(someone correct me or point to links on aiarcrack ofr N 5ghz networks), you can do bands a(5ghz) and b, and g 2.4ghz, but not sure on N's 2.4 or 5ghz capabilities. if all you have near you, is an N only, you may not see it at all, for which give kismit a try, although monitor mode and the drivers capabilities may be limited to 2.4 only as well as for managed mode. Try --band and select a b or g, see what happens.

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Walk through and paste the steps here what you are doing, maybe a step is missed. Not sure.There is a thread on the aircrack forums for the same card model you listed with people having the same issues. Last post might help you though:


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