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FreeBsd Vs Kali


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Just curious I broke into kali alittle bit(2.0), I love the new kali suit even know i'm still using windows 7 : I have not messed around much with unix - however I found debian a sweet suite in whole.... quick and effeciant ...

I was taking a gander over freeBsd it looked like the next best thing - running a IBM unix suite *which offcourse is not avaible to general public* from my understanding. Generally I was alittle overbeared with the major disclaimer from at&t.... before homepage that's ok though.

I've read up on kali it has a good rep yet not really by the general unix/linux populace why I have no clue* I guess cause it's scary*... even windows runs threw a net frame work and unix...

Kindof a silly sort .....

What's you're opinion on which one to use :

I know kali run's debian .......

FreeBsd Runs Unix

There both new with a grub thats not really the big deal .......

My questions are...

*noob friendly please*

I know as in the job market im looking forward to taking classe's .... software development c / c++ ...... but from the looks of it, UNIX is a must...

Not the funnest question, but to kiss ass alittle I love hack5 I hope to be doing buisness in the near future ..... great educational videos..... keep it going it's hard to find a more alternative education these days.


You'rs truly..

Ps. We all google however i'm a lazy bastard. Looking for good advice.

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Kali doesn't "run" Debian. Kali is a Linux distribution, just like Debian is. Kali simply uses the same packages Debian does, just like Ubuntu is doing. Except where Debian focusses on stability with its packages, Ubuntu focusses on providing (much) more current versions of the software in its distribution and Kali focusses on providing (much) more tools that aid pentesters and is set up such that it gets out of the way as much as possible as quickly as possible. It's the difference between asking if you have a driving license before allowing you to drive an F1 racer vs putting you on a bicycle first and only after you've navigated a few blocks we'll see if we can take the side wheels off.

FreeBSD doesn't "run" UNIX. FreeBSD is UNIX. Here is Wikipedia's write-up on the history of UNIX with here the point from where FreeBSD was spawned.

And I would say any developer worth his salt knows how to program in UNIX because it teaches him where the differences between the two lie, so he can create the appropriate abstractions (if needed. Google POSIX) and have his code run anywhere without modification.

Other than that I see very little in your text that takes the form of a question...

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