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I think its dead Jim


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I purchased a Mark V a while ago and recently have dusted it off and set to playing once more. I updated it to the new 2.4 firmware the other day and pretty much its been a hell bent on doing unusual things.

I first got sus when it refused to boot up on power supply from wall. it kept boooting, then blue light and orange (ethernet) would get solid with the green about to flash.. then they go off, red comes on and then restarts. over and over. Put it on Battery and it starts no problem.

So flashed it. no worrys. once I logged back on, setup my password etc, i click client mode on wired LAN, then jab it into my router and. reboot. now we have internet to the pineapple. Cool. Down load infusions.

Head out to coffee shop to play with this portalauth.. connect to pineaplpe see i dont have dependencys. fine. connect to my phone grab those and then attempt to connect to coffee shop. ignores me.. goes back to phone. -- no pineapple. I says connects to this one. there, save.. click click! i watch the light go off. on.. restarted. check. ignored me.

Orly??? ok. factory reset. flash flashy resetup. redo connection to phone. same deal. wont let go.

Fine. might be a freak thing. go home. never connected to my home wifi yet. go to client mode. scan scan.. - no home network. the 11bgn not hiding at all so getting concerned. maybe it needs to see it to beleive its there. relocate. Nothing. ok.... have a break come back. pineapple is now frozen. lights on no one home. wifi broadcast gone. nothing going on. reboot. etc etc

no luck with Internet sharing via mac with static IP on ethernet being shared internet by the wireless.

OK some more fun. New reflash but first we will wipe the SD card. - done. reflash. resetup. install wps. install wifite. run wifite. see's my network.. (spoooky) reports no wps weakness... Use actual tile. no ssid data. nothing. scan in client mode. nothing. does find a no name open encryption but its conflicting with the channel.

the fact it doesnt let go of networks is very annoying. i almost go this portal clone thing working but then it went weird again and stopped showing the clone button etc. the network restarts notfications are liers. only a solid off on will make the changes stick. had no succes with much of anything.

its simular to a issue from 2013, thou I couldnt see any of the problems in any configs posted or corrections offered.

Back a few firmwares ago I didnt have any of these problems. - not to mention the fact i now have wlan0, wlan0-1 and wlan1 which becomes wlan1mon.. whcih was not this way before. factory reset and firmware upgrades seem to made this a new part but I dont know when or whats going on.

Any ideas? does turning it off and on to much hurt it? i assumed its all solid state so I cant imagine that being a issue. antennas are firmly in place as always no changes made to hardware it self. after a while it just stops doing anything as I say. so even if I did get wps going or half a dozen other deployment concepts its going to lock up and stop after a few hours or less and I loos all the data anyway.

I know its not ment to be easy but this is doing my head in.

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It's weird you are having all of these problems. What are you using to access the web interface (OS, browser, etc.)? When you say the PortalAuth clone button disappeared are you referring to the small tile or the overlay that appears after you click the button in the small tile?

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Morning - Thanks for replys.

The SD card is the stock one that came with the PA, glued to a firmware card info. Have had no need to upgrade it. its a SD micro 2gb card.

Browser - I use macs alot as it has native ssh on terminal. Firefox, safari. occosnally ill access it via the PC which also has firefox.

So lets quickly get a few things correct for me:

Recommmended Browser?

Wlan1 radio is the guy that does WPS and client mode and all that stuff correct?

Wlan0 is the guiy that broadcasts the AP networks - such as the default pinapple_5XXX ssid.

Wlan0-1 is what and why is this now here?

Do you suggest I reflash it once again - via direct SD load out instead of this over the air option?? that was on my cards today anyways. Suspect maybe - how I dunno - maybe the OTA firmware update misses somthing?

Ill run it today and see if I get these lock ups etc.

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ok good news. Turns out my channel was making my network 5ghtz. so nice to know that you can protect any wireless networks from pineapples connecting wirelessly.

bad news.. battery went flat, but it ran as a stock access point for 3 hours or so with no issues. - so maybe the last rephlash fixed the problems.

will repost here if i bump this issue further.

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While you can use other browsers, and they do work, there can be funny things that happen. I think Chrome is the "supported" browser.

If you can, I would suggest you get a larger Class 10 microSD card for your pineapple. The one that came with is a Class 4, I think, and you will notice a difference in upgrading to the Class 10.

Over the air updates have worked every time for me so I can't recommend going the harder route...

And, what's this about your channel making it 5ghz? The channel on the Pineapple? On your home router makes sense if that's the one you were trying to "see" with your pineapple but it couldn't find it because a MKV can't see 5ghz networks.

And I assume you're talking about using an external battery like a Pineapple Juice pack with your MKV...

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While you can use other browsers, and they do work, there can be funny things that happen. I think Chrome is the "supported" browser.

Firefox is supported as well. I think Safari became supported after the last firmware release. The only browser not supported at all is IE.

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