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Open source Java disassembler for Linux?


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Well, there's ASM which allows you to basically work the bytecode. It's used extensively for on-the-fly instrumentation by for instance junit (to see how much of the code is covered by the unittests) and hibernate (for adding the syncing between properties and table data) but also component injecting frameworks such as Spring where if you annotate a property properly the annotated property, when the class is loaded by the classloader, is modified to something that initializes itself during construction.

So for example this:

private final GenericServiceType aGenericServiceINeed = null;

is changed to this when the class is loaded:

private final GenericServiceType aGenericServiceINeed = new ASpecificServiceIDefinedSomewhere();

It's cool stuff and ASM does make it really easy to work with. You just need to be familiar with the concepts behind a SAX parser.

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