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Anti-forensics capability?


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Would putting a small battery inside be an option to allow for coding a trigger condition to kick off a wiping routine to eliminate the target from analyzing the LAN Turtle for actionable intelligence? Or perhaps a way to implement ECC at rest so the scripts can not be read and the actions taken not be discovered. I don't like to give the target all the answers, they need to work harder... :-) Just random thoughts, criticism welcomed.



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I'm thinking that depending on SD card size, that could take a lot of energy/time (most storage is slow). What could make it require a little less time perhaps would be perhaps, partitioning the sd card, so a bootloader/os is on one partition, and most of the other stuff/data is on another parition, and is crypted. This way you only need to overwrite a small part of the sd in order to obliterate the keys. I don't have a LAN turtle, so I have no idea if something like this is even possible, just adding a suggestion to the pot. Would you requre more crypto chips? Somebody look into that.

One should test out normal operation with the crypto however, I wouldn't want to make a bad suggestion, and end up making them too slow to operate effectively.

Would really like to get a lan turtle to try out, probably a few pay days down the road.

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