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Third Wireless interface


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Hi Guys,

I asked a question previously and I pretty much drew the conclusion that in order to achieve what i want to achieve with the pineapple I need another interface like WLAN0, ie a Wireless NIC capable of providing another AP.

I see on the Hak5 shop they have an Alfa USB Wifi AWUS036NEH device that is apparently compatble with the pinapple. What I need to confirm is that:

1. This device works fine with the pineapple (it's stated on the shop, so I think this is covered)

2. The device will be plug and play, if not I would need to obvsiously have to lead drivers etc, something I briefly attempted and not something that seems easy enough.

3. The device will provide me with a third wireless interface.

I intend to:

Use WLAN0 and WLAN0-1 for deauthing an AP.

Use WLAN1 to connect to the AP in order to provide internet

Use WLAN2 (the new one) to host a rouge access point with the same SSID and passphrase.

If anyone can help me out that would be greatly appreciated.

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