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DNSSpoof not working


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Hey guys

I've no idea what I should try anymore.

I've tried to setup DNSSpoof.

My setup:

- Both Wlan-interfaces enabled(Wlan0 and Wlan1)

- Client-Mode connection to a Wifi-Network.

Then I've enabled DNSSpoof by clicking on the tick-box.

My DNSSpoof-file contains the following line:

google.com *.*

Now the problem:

There is no redirect. I can connect to any site I want but I don't get redirected. What could be the problem.

What could be the problem?

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You could try running tcpdump on the target host to verify where you are checking dns from.

If the host isn't using dhcp from the pineapple or statically configured to use the pineapple for dns this isn't going to work.

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I've noticed that most current browsers use the search engine when you enter an address in the addressbar.

When I start DNS spoof and ping the address (on the client) it returns the correct (spoofed) IP.

When I start a browser and enter the address (on the client) in the addressbar it uses the engine and goes directly to the original page.

To check if the DNS spoof is working correctly:

- Start the DNS spoof.

- Connect the client to the pineapple.

- Flush the DNS on the client. (just to be sure)

- Ping the spoofed address on the client. (don't use a browser)

Does it return the correct IP you've chosen in the DNS spoof?

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