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Pineapple karma vs hostapd_cli


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I've found that the following commands are equivalent on the pineapple, in that they both initialize karma.

"pineapple karma start"


"hostapd_cli -p /var/run/hostapd-phy0 karma_enable"

Hostapd_cli also has several other commands to configure karma, such as karma_black, karma_white, karma_mac_white, karma_add_ssid, and others, but not all of them work properly. For example, I was able to successfully switch the ssid and mac filter lists between deny mode and allow mode, but when I tried to use hostapd_cli to add SSIDs and MACs to the black/whitelist so that I could see them via the Karma tab in the PineAP tile, they did not appear.

Running the equivalent command via pineapple, "pineapple karma add_ssid," and "pineapple karma add_mac," worked properly and both lists were populated.

My question is why running the hostapd_cli command doesn't work when the pineapple command does, especially since if you run the following command: "strings /bin/pineapple," within the output, you can see the same hostapd_cli commands to add SSIDs and MACs. Is the pineapple executable doing something else that I cannot see from parsing the strings output before running the hostapd_cli commands?

Does anyone know?


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