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all parts of computing are important. it's like a ecosystem you can't just have one as everything supports each other. e.g. computing where there is no programming as there will be not website designing software and because of that not websites etc.

i think all parts are equal in importance

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While it's quite understandable that technologies in computers build on each other, I would still say that understanding the theory of how computers think is the most important. With out that, you can't do any thing, including build the computer. modern computers have been simplified to hide virtually all of this from the user, but it's still there.

Once you have a theory for a computer system, and you have proofed that it works in theory (on paper), you can start converting that in the theoretical electrical circuitry (or mechanical mechanism, the difference engine for example). As Metatron can tell you, jobs in computer electrical engineering pay very well. ;)

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