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Firefox Lightbeam plugin


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Hey Guys

I just updated to the latest firefox and had a look at the latest plugins, and came across the lightbeam plugin

It runs in the background on its own tab, and maps graphically every site you go to, and who is tracking you from that site.

Well worth a look

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The problem, as mentions in the comments on the plugin's page over at mozilla addons, is that even though it says a site may be tracking you it doesn't help you prevent that site from doing so. In the current web it's also next to impossible to figure out just what part of the pages you hit is actually evil/malicous/undesirable.

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Maybe so, but you have the option to block sites, just ckick on it in the graph, and an option comes up to block, once blocked, it shows it treid to load, but is blocked by truning red.

I have been spending the last two weeks playing with it, and after going in and blocking all these extra sites associated with web pages I load, I stop the ads, and the pages load much faster.

I still keep tinkering with it.

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