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Metasploit backdoor over internet not working.


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Iam trying to get netcat on my windows system in order to listen for connections but the files on that netcat folder i unzipped after downloading from internet look like theyr broken or something ..and its difficult to test if files are broken and all weird....


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I'm going to make a suggestion that some people see as a huge insult and other realise as the truth, if you don't understand the basics behind something then you need to step back and learn those basics before continuing otherwise you'll just have problem after problem and always be struggling.

What did you expect to happen when you ran this netcat command? Do you understand why you are running it? If I was to say run

rm -rf /

would you do it?

I've no references to hand but I'd suggest learning about basic networking and protocols, here you've connected to port 80 which should be a web server, it expects you to talk to it so you need to know what to say.

You don't need to know all this in huge detail but understanding why ports are open and closed, how to talk to them and something on routing and NATing will make this type of thing much easier to understand and debug.

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