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Okay... I have been following Hak5 and its community/forums for a couple months now I really want to get into wifi hacking and using hardware like the turtle shell and using ssh and what not, but I feel like all the tutorials are a little to advance for me to do. Is there anywhere else I can go to start from not having any prior knowledge ?

( No script kitty stuff )

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Learn the aircrack-ng tool suite. It will give a pretty good idea about wifi hacking. How to set up monitor mode identify wireless access points, their encryption, ciphers, the channel they're on, also importantly clients connect to the access point. Those are all good things to know.

Here's a tutorial I wrote on wifi hacking a while back. I could find the more polished pdf version I did. One thing to note is the syntax is a little old.

Monitor mode devices with airmon-ng will look something like wlan0mon now instead of mon0. airmon-ng or ifconfig will tell you what your monitor mode interface is though so it's pretty intuitive to fix. Here's that file.


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