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Is Radamsa Fuzzer Open Source?


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Is Radamsa fuzzer open source?

I've never heard of Radamsa so I put it in Google and searched and the first thing that came back was a link to it on Google Code, the second was a link to it on Github, that suggests to me that yes, it is open source.

How would I use Radamsa to find a venerability in Flash?

Sounds like a dick answer but, if you aren't able to tell if the program is open source or not, then I'd guess you probably aren't going to be able to. Finding vulnerabilities isn't just a case of pointing a tool at an application and expecting them to fall out. You need to put a lot of work in and, if it is an area that you are interested in learning, then start small and work up, there are loads of tutorials on all the different types of fuzzing.

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