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[Module] clomac - Clone Clients MAC address into WAN interface

Darren Kitchen

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LAN Turtle user Shad contributed the module clomac.

Clone Clients MAC address into WAN interface



It's now available from modulemanager. I've created this thread for module support and discussion. Great module Shad!

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Thank you very much Darren! Glad to contribute to this great project :)

Clomac (and the other two modules) haven't had much extensive testing as they are almost initial versions I made in the last couple of days. They do work for me as intended in my tests though, but I would appreciate some feedback in possible scenarios where they don't work and/or additional features that would be desired.

Also, if they are "just working" for someone I would like to hear about it even if you don't know what else to change/add.

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Some feedback on clomac.

This is a really great module I heavily depend on, as in the test environment I have deployed my turtle to, strict port security is used and I can easily get the switch port I am connecting to shut down if something is not right.

However, I am not getting the correct MAC cloned from the laptop I am using, which is an HP, with Intel 82577LM Gigabit.

So, I am expecting to see an HP MAC on eth1 of the turtle. Instead I am getting a realtek semiconductor MAC.

Any ideas how to debug this would be really appreciated. :-)

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