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Being charged mega bucks for...a book. *pic*


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IANAL but Ask to see there contract and terms of service. Ask to see the manager and demand to know exactly why they consider this just, as the book seems to be worth £16 and I cannot see how they can fine you for this much. If he/she disagrees, ask to speak to there boss, keep doing this until you get a nicer answer. Say you are perfectly whilling to pay a late fine, but not one that is nearly 3 times the total worth of the book.

If in doubt steal the book, and ebay it for the fine costs, as in just walk out the door with it, they can't physically stop you as that could count as an assualt charge against them.

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I can renew books over this internets for book form my University's library. Similaly, I can reserve book and brows the catalogue of books. Guess I'm kinda lucky in that respect (apart form the web interface been a compleate rip-off of Amazons site o.O).

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