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Wired Client Mode Issues


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Hey all,

Just updated to latest firmware, and am trying to use the wired client mode with static IP but feel I'm misunderstanding OpenWRT / the pineapple in general...

What's happening is the DHCP server on the Pineapple is hijacking clients on my 192.168.2.* network. My macbook now always picks up a 172 etc etc address when attaching to any of my Apple airports.

Anyone got this working? I know the WiPi has its own DHCP server / DNSMasq but my assumption would be that if the interface has an option for wired client it would config itself to not provide DHCP to the host network?

Is this a bug with new firmware (didn't have this issue until flashing today?)


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OK, Have just enabled DHCP for the client mode. Exact same issue, only now I have Internet from the macbook but that's only because the wipi is Mitm'ing every piece of traffic and it is still assigning the DHCP on my wired network, which already has a DHCP server. I don't have any infusions running at all btw. I have never used a single infusion, just airodump. Pls help???

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