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Karma causes a DoS of my Internet connection


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I have an issue with using Pineapple Mark V that I cannot seem to troubleshoot.

I like to caveat this my saying that I have the Pineapple configured but I have no idea if I have it configured correct or I just got lucky.

I have my Pineapple up and running with a connection to the internet thorugh my host Windows computer WiFi. I can directly connect devices to the Pineapple WiFi access and have them come up as a connected device and use the infusions like URLSnarf, TCPDump, etc...

My issue is that when I run Karma I see the log populating and I get devices to connect to the Pineapple, but my internet connection freezes up. I have no idea on what is causing this and I have to power down and power up my Pineapple to get the connection back.

This doesn't help me be quiet while doing a PEN test.

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