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"Missing" wireless radio


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I'm a bit stumped here. One of the wireless radios appears to be "missing" from my Mark V. It doesn't appear in any network config, ifconfig, etc.

I'm not entirely sure how to diagnose the issue either, since tools such as lspci are missing.

I did do a factory reset, a firmware update, and finally I did a manual firmware update with factory reset using the bricked device method and firmware. No changes.

Anyone have ideas on how to diagnose and fix? I can't see any damage to the board, and the device is otherwise operating perfectly.


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Normally there'd be radio0 and radio1 referenced in the configs, referred to on the web interface as wlan0 and wlan1 respectively. Wlan1 is gone. No sign of it anywhere. There is still a wlan0-1 for the management AP, but it's just a virtual adapter.

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I've done both... it's just... gone. No wlan1 at all. All I can see is radio0/wlan0/wlan0-1, the second radio is not there.

I'd swear it's a hardware problem, but I have no idea how to list detected hardware on this thing, or do any sort of diagnostics.

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Try this for testing, if the OpenWRT can "see" both interfaces:

iw list |grep phy0 && iw list |grep phy1

This is, if everything is fine, show two lines:

Wiphy phy0

Wiphy phy1

Those are the physical wireless network interfaces. Try creating a new virtual interface using both nics as parents:

iw phy phy0 interface add new0 type managed


iw phy phy1 interface add new1 type managed

you should also be able to create them using these:

iw dev wlan0 interface add new0 type managed

iw dev wlan1 interface add new1 type managed

Please, reply with your findings :)


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