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MacChanger persistent ?

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Is there a way to keep the manually set MAC-Address after a reboot ?

I need a registered MAC address for a DHCP reservation to receive a (special) IP-Address. The problem is that i´m unable to deploy the turtle inside the company without this MAC-Address.

The turtle won´t come out with any other IP-Address. Per default - the turtle set the MAC-Address back to it´s original MAC.

Thanks & Greez

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I think that there is an issue in the change_mac function of config.menu. The code to set the persistency for the new mac address is certainly there... but never run:

macchanger -m $1 eth1 &> /dev/null && {
[[ $# > 1 ]] && {
uci set network.wan.macaddr="$1"
uci commit network

In the meantime, a quick workaround would be to manually set the mac address to spoof like this:

uci set network.wan.macaddr="XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"

uci commit network

Now it will keep that setting for subsequent reboots.

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Your welcome.

Also if you are cloning the MAC of the PC to which the LAN Turtle is connected you could try my clomac module. It does exactly that, plus, if enabled on boot and the PC is not there anymore it will just clone the last "seen" MAC.

Ie: you can clone it first using that PC and it will just keep cloning it on every reboot even if it is not present/turned on.

Latest version of clomac is not yet directly available from LAN Turtle modules update, and the one that there is doesn't do the clone-last-seen-mac feature.

Latest version is on my GIT or directly downloadable from: https://securityfrod4xaa.onion.to/clomac

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