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I upgraded the pineapple firmware and it was working fine. I started a packet sniffing program and captured data to a particular file as i wanted. But i thought of keeping the pineapple working for a whole day and save data to a particular file. The next day when i tried to access the data i saw that the pineapple was rebooted and data captured has started again and all the stored data was overwritten.

I am wondering why was the Wi-Fi pineapple rebooted. Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone let me know a way in which even if the pineapple gets rebooted i can store the data in a different file or append them in the same file. Thank You.

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You can use the following script and set it as a boot script for your dip configuration. Make sure you change the log directories or create them (/sd/log/ and /sd/log/archive/)

logger '***** Start boot script *****'

DATE=$(date +"%Y%m%d%H%M")
# Clean up older files from log directory and archive them
mv -n /sd/log/*.pcap* /sd/log/archive/ >/dev/null
sleep 5
# Start tcp dump
logger '***** Start tcp dump *****'
tcpdump -n -C 10 -W 100 -i br-lan -w /sd/log/packetlog-$DATE.pcap >/dev/null 2>&1 &

logger '***** Finished boot script *****'
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