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What do pineap and pinejector actually do?


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I am currently trying to figure out all the steps that are needed to get PineAP and Karma running together.

In the pineap.php file, the pineap executable, when started, first puts wlan1 into monitor mode and then runs the following commands:

os.system("echo 'pinejector wlan1mon'| at now &> /dev/null")

os.system("mac=$(ifconfig wlan0 | grep HWaddr | awk '{print $5}'); chan=$(iw dev wlan0 info | grep channel | awk '{print $2}'); echo 'pineap '$chan' '$mac | at now &> /dev/null")

This is where I am stuck. Does anyone know what pineap and pinejector specifically do or if their source code is on the pineapple or online somewhere?


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