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[TUT] Tether Turtle to Laptop (Like the Wifi Pineapple)


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If you're like me you just got your turtle and you can't wait to start doing some development. Only downside is you need internet access on your turtle and you don't want to be plugged into a cable. So to get around this instead of your computer getting internet access over the turtle your turtle should get internet access over your laptop just like you would with the Wifi Pineapple. In Fact its the same script just with modified default values and banner.

Before you run the script you need to add a default gateway of and a dns server ( to your turtle. I wrote a simple tutorial on the github project about how to do this.

Some cool updates - thanks to Foxtrot the script now automagically configures your turtle for you so you no longer have to manually configure those settings. There are also some other quality of life updates so go ahead on do a git pull to get the most recent version or copy and paste it from below.

Check it out on github if you are interested: https://github.com/frozenjava/TetherATurtle

# Your lanturtle is now automatically configured for you by this script, but if you want to configure it manully here is how:
# This is just a modifed version of wp5.sh for the pineapple with the turtle network address and bannder
# You will need to manully cofigure the default gw on your turtle to
# To do that run this command on your turtle: route add default gw
# You will also need to set your DNS settings, add the following line to /etc/resolv.conf on your turtle
# nameserver:
# I hope this makes development for turtle modules less of a pain... who wants to be tethered to a cable anymore?
# - Newbi3
# Credit goes to whoever wrote the wp5.sh script for the wifi pineapple as well as foxtrot for adding the automatic lan turtle configuration.

echo "$(tput setaf 2)"
echo "               LAN TURTLE"
echo "                by Hak5"
echo "        .-./*)            (*\.-."
echo "      _/___\/              \/___\_"
echo "        U U                  U U"
echo "Turtle ICS: v1.2"
echo "$(tput sgr0)"

echo -n "Turtle Netmask []: "
read turtlenetmask
if [[ $turtlenetmask == '' ]]; then 
turtlenetmask= #Default netmask for /24 network

echo -n "Turtle Network []: "
read turtlenet
if [[ $turtlenet == '' ]]; then 
turtlenet= # Turtle network. Default is

echo -n "Interface between PC and Turtle [eth1]: "
read turtlelan
if [[ $turtlelan == '' ]]; then 
turtlelan=eth1 # Interface of ethernet cable directly connected to Turtle

echo -n "Interface between PC and Internet [wlan0]: "
read turtlewan
if [[ $turtlewan == '' ]]; then 
turtlewan=wlan0 #i.e. wlan0 for wifi, ppp0 for 3g modem/dialup, eth0 for lan

tempturtlegw=`netstat -nr | awk 'BEGIN {while ($3!="") getline; print $2}'` #Usually correct by default
echo -n "Internet Gateway [$tempturtlegw]: "
read turtlegw
if [[ $turtlegw == '' ]]; then 
turtlegw=`netstat -nr | awk 'BEGIN {while ($3!="") getline; print $2}'` #Usually correct by default

echo -n "IP Address of Host PC []: "
read turtlehostip
if [[ $turtlehostip == '' ]]; then 
turtlehostip= #IP Address of host computer

echo -n "IP Address of Turtle []: "
read turtleip
if [[ $turtleip == '' ]]; then 
turtleip= #Thanks Douglas Adams

echo -n "Prefered DNS Server []: "
read turtledns
if [[ $turtledns == '' ]]; then
turtledns= # Default DNS server

echo ""
echo "$(tput setaf 6)     _ .   $(tput sgr0)        $(tput setaf 7)___$(tput sgr0)          $(tput setaf 2)  .-./*) $(tput sgr0)   Internet: $turtlegw  - $turtlewan"
echo "$(tput setaf 6)   (  _ )_ $(tput sgr0) $(tput setaf 5)<-->$(tput sgr0)  $(tput setaf 7)[___]$(tput sgr0)  $(tput setaf 5)<-->$(tput sgr0)  $(tput setaf 2) _/___\/  $(tput sgr0)   Computer: $turtlehostip"
echo "$(tput setaf 6) (_  _(_ ,)$(tput sgr0)       $(tput setaf 7)\___\\$(tput sgr0)        $(tput setaf 2)   U U $(tput sgr0)      Turtle: $turtlenet - $turtlelan"

#Bring up Ethernet Interface directly connected to Turtle
ifconfig $turtlelan $turtlehostip netmask $turtlenetmask up

# Enable IP Forwarding
echo '1' > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
#echo -n "IP Forwarding enabled. /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward set to "
#cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

#clear chains and rules
iptables -X
iptables -F
#echo iptables chains and rules cleared

#setup IP forwarding
iptables -A FORWARD -i $turtlewan -o $turtlelan -s $turtlenet -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT
iptables -A FORWARD -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE
#echo IP Forwarding Enabled

#remove default route
route del default
#echo Default route removed

#add default gateway
route add default gw $turtlegw $turtlewan
#echo Turtle Default Gateway Configured

# Change dns server to prefered DNS server
#sed -i 's/$turtleip/$turtledns/g' /etc/resolv.conf
sed -i s/$turtleip/$turtledns/g /etc/resolv.conf

#automatically try to configure LAN Turtle
#special thanks to Foxtrot for this part
ping -i 1 -c1 $turtleip
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "ICS configuration successful."
echo "Configuring LAN Turtle."
echo "Enter password if prompted"
ssh root@$turtleip "echo \"nameserver $turtledns\" >> /etc/resolv.conf && route add default gw $turtlehostip"
echo "Could not connect to the LAN Turtle!"

#fix routing on host machine
#the turtle likes to become your default gateway and thats annoying in this case so we just set it back and fix the dns settings
#route del default gw lan.turtle
#route add default gw $turtlegw

echo ""
echo "Happy Shelling :)"
echo ""
Edited by newbi3
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Nice script newbi3.

I forked your git repo and submitted a pull request with my edits. The script now makes it even easier to set up ICS on the turtle. Now you don't need to manually add the route and edit the resolv.conf on the turtle. The script does it for you! I also changed the old pineapple ascii to a turtle instead, among some other formatting fixes.

Edited by Foxtrot
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