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Live CD Linux distro to join a windows domain


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Does any one know the specifics of how windows joins a windows domain?

I ask because I just wonder if it's possible for a distribution of Linux to join a windows domain with out ever knowing the administrator password. I presume that when windows joins the domain it will remember the hash value of the password of the domain administrator so it can authenticate it's self with the domain server every time you turn it on. The fact that it's stored as a hash should be completely irrelevant since that is how it's sent to the server to the server any way. Basically, if you know the hash value of the admin password, you don't need to know what the password actually is to join a domain (in theory).

If a live distro where set up up to do this, I don't see why it couldn't look for NTFS partitions (the kernel would obviously be compiled for NTFS read only) and find the windows directory and grab all the info it needs to join the domain (i.e. name servers IP, domain names, admin hashes and so forth).

Your thoughts?

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I would have probably asked this on a Samba forum or some thing. I know Linux can join a windows domain (just like a Mac can).

My question was would it be possible to get all the information samba needs to join the windows domain off a windows partition that had been configured to join a domain?

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I would have probably asked this on a Samba forum or some thing.

yeah you're probably right, i know nothing.

i would think nmap could give you the ip of the sever, or it'd be in some log or .ini somewhere.

As for the password i'd guess it'd be in a password file somewhere, using a standard windows hash.

undoubtedly more info in the USB switchblade section. (im not really into that kind of thing)

As for exactly which files contain the info you need, i think you'd need to do some research. so at the risk of sounding like a bastard....google it


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