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(HackRF) not sure what to name the topic

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I personally feel like i am missing a ton of interesting things about the HackRF (mainly videos and tutorials).

there have been a 2 or 3 episodes about this on hak5.

my questions:

1) is or/are there anyone who makes tutorials about the HackRF (have been looking around but cant find any clear videos or a channel).

2) does the HackRF work with automation gates?

3) is Hak5 going to make more videos about the HackRF?

many thanks in advance

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I wouldn't get my hopes up about #3. The Hak5 team got kinda burned by the HackRF's "everything open" stance. They invested in its development with the expectation they would sell it from the hackshop with a bit of profit but pretty much the second the thing was complete people began producing cheaper copies. And mind you, this was completely legal. But the end result was the Hak5 team had to eat the cost of their investment as well as the stock they bought for the hakshop since nobody was going to buy it at the prices even they themselves paid for them. So I'm pretty sure that when they can make a video and need to choose if they want to make it about, say, the LAN Turtle or the HackRF, they're not going to choose the HackRF.

Your best source of information is probably Michael Ossmann himself. This would be your starting point for the HackRF itself and that question #2 I would suggest you simply ask him via Twitter.

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hackrf is not an easy to approach toy. It is a drop-dead serious SDR - its not like the cheapo RTL sticks for $20. It really helps to have a background in electrical engineering, with specific knowledge of RF. I would advise against buying it if you're just starting out with RF stuff. That said, if you've built up a knowledge (in school, or just hacking around), then the hackrf is an amazingly powerful tool. Mossman has a streak of taking things that are normally EXTREMELY expensive, and open sourcing and shipping them dirt cheap. Another instance of this is the ubertooth. It's not a "lets screw around on a sunday afternoon" kind of toy, much like the hackrf. It's an incredibly powerful bluetooth development tool (and hacking tool). So yeah - avoid the hackrf unless you're ready to jump into intermediate/advanced level RF goodness.

My two cents anyways


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